Cityscape Chicago

I miss the beauty of this amazing city.


Places in Time: Chicago

This is probably the best time-lapse of Chicago that I’ve seen. Simply amazing. I’m so glad to call this beautiful city home. Nice shot of the Aqua Tower at 2:30 as well.

The filmmaker, Chris Pritchard says: “Chicago as a whole has a great energy – one of America’s few dense urban environments where people are forced to step out of their isolating cars and experience life alongside one another. The people are mostly genuine, hard working, and friendly. There are countless vibrant neighborhoods with a dramatic range of uniqueness and character. The city changes and transforms during each of the four seasons, but never ceases to be active and full of life.

All footage for this piece was shot between 2010 and now. My goal was to provide a glimpse into the energy and fast paced life of an average day in downtown Chicago, enhanced through fast motion timelapse. Some of the viewpoints and locations may seem familiar, but I’ve also tried to showcase the city from a number of different and less common vantage points.”

Hyatt Headquarters Architecture

SInce I’ve been working on-site at Hyatt Headquarters I’ve become a huge fan of the architecture. The place is just amazing and I wanted to share some photos of the space.

“The new global headquarters for Hyatt Hotels and the other Pritzker family businesses represents a forward-thinking work environment that provides the appropriate levels of flexibility, privacy, access to light, technological capabilities, and cost savings. A grand stair lined with amenity “boxes” serves as the main circulation spine, with workspaces branching off to create a vibrant Office Urbanism. The multi-story atrium reinforces the company’s core values and brand image, while the use of classic materials creates a Zen-like atmosphere that speaks to Hyatt’s history of hospitality.”