Cityscape Chicago

I miss the beauty of this amazing city.


Places in Time: Chicago

This is probably the best time-lapse of Chicago that I’ve seen. Simply amazing. I’m so glad to call this beautiful city home. Nice shot of the Aqua Tower at 2:30 as well.

The filmmaker, Chris Pritchard says: “Chicago as a whole has a great energy – one of America’s few dense urban environments where people are forced to step out of their isolating cars and experience life alongside one another. The people are mostly genuine, hard working, and friendly. There are countless vibrant neighborhoods with a dramatic range of uniqueness and character. The city changes and transforms during each of the four seasons, but never ceases to be active and full of life.

All footage for this piece was shot between 2010 and now. My goal was to provide a glimpse into the energy and fast paced life of an average day in downtown Chicago, enhanced through fast motion timelapse. Some of the viewpoints and locations may seem familiar, but I’ve also tried to showcase the city from a number of different and less common vantage points.”


I’m always amazed at what people can do with lack of space. This inspires me.

“Located in Sydney, Australia, the Potts Point Apartment was all about a redesign to accommodate a couple and their child. Anthony Gill Architects came in and restructured this small (approximately 409 square feet) apartment to better suit the family and their lifestyle.”

Flintstone Contemporary Residence in Malibu

“Malibu, California has some of the finest homes. This home in particular was owned by Dick Clark and is currently for sale. The home is heavily inspired by the Flintstones with its organic interior and exterior structure. The view from the residence is also amazing, with views stretching out over the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding mountains.”

Corallo House Architecture

The Corallo House in Guatemala City is the work of the amazing Paz Arquitectura team. The house’s beauty and design feels entirely natural even though it embodies such a modern aesthetic. From the balcony to the stairs and then to the integrated living room tree, everything about this house is magnificent. Shared from Contemporist.

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Tree House in Portland

“This awesome piece of residential architecture in the woods of Portland, Oregon was designed by architect Robert Harvey Oshatz for a client who wanted a unique, modern house that is inspired by music. Oshatz’s design features flowing, rhythmic forms and took seven years worth of drawings and construction. The project was completed in 2004, but is every bit as fresh and original as far as residences go as it was upon its completion. Natural wood finishes adorn the interior – the ceiling (which appears to be suspended under curving laminated wood beams), curved walls and wood flooring contribute to an organic ambience that makes the chunky, curvilinear house appear right at home in the forest. Glass, metal, wood, stone and simple furnishings make this house a winner. Who wouldn’t want to live in a luxurious tree-house?”


Hanna Park Residence

“This property in Edmonds sits atop a high bluff, above railroad tracks, with commanding views of water, mountains and sunsets. Designed for a single person, the house is 2,000 square feet, with living and guest spaces on the main floor and a master suite and office on the second floor. The exterior is a series of horizontal and vertical planes made from aluminum-framed glass, charcoal color brick, cement stucco, and Western Red Cedar.”