World of Warcraft: Looking for Group Documentary

As a former World of Warcraft player myself, I found this documentary very interesting. If you have never played the game, try to see if you can get past the nerd factor of this to appreciate a look into the artwork, game design, engineering, server data/analytics, and overall user experience of, quite possibly, the greatest game of our lifetime. I have a new respect for the team at Blizzard after seeing this film.


WTHR App Inspired by Dieter Rams

Saw this on Grain Edit today, thought I’d re-share.

“David Elenga has created a simple yet elegant weather app called WTHR which is inspired by Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles of Design. At the top of the screen the current weather condition is displayed along with the temperature for your area. Just below is a 7-day forecast and a nifty switch which allows you to select between Fahrenheit or Celsius. Unfortunately version 1.0 has some bugs and usability issues which should hopefully be resolved soon. I would hold off on downloading the app until the release of version 1.1 which is slated for sometime next week.”