Cosmic 140—Art for Geeks

This is so cool, I saw this on the iA site today, I love data visualization!

“It features the most influential Twitterers in each category, shows when they joined, what they first said, how many followers they have and how many times they tweet per day. All sizes are relational. The size of the big black circle represents the total users of twitter, every other circle is a direct representation of the amount of users represented. You can see for instance, that the followers of Barrack Obama indeed cover a big piece of the total users on Twitter.

We printed 1,000 copies on thick high quality paper by the best printer we could find in Japan. On the surface it’s more artsy than geeky as it is all black and white and it comes with a refined PP varnish that will look like something straight out of the Moma. But if you dive into it, you’ll find lots and lots of interesting data inside.”


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